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“Ghostwriter.” This answer always draws a reaction when people ask me what I do for a living. Sometimes people find it interesting and at other times they find it perplexing. For a while there I used to just say writer, and while that is true, along the way I realized that more and more of what I do now is ghostwriting. A bulk of my writing does not have my name attached – I am a professional writer who has made a career of offering my writing skills to others who need it.

There is great demand for content in this Information Age – Ebooks, SEO articles, Facebook updates have all been added on to the old favorites such as auto-biographies and celebrity writing adventures. There are corporations that need well-written reports, there are small businesses that need good sales copy, there are entrepreneurs who want to establish their brand using social media and all this revolves around words. It gives me great pleasure to string words together with intelligence and offer polished packages that serve their purpose.

It is a great fit for someone who appreciates good writing and is still gathering the life experience to produce The Masterpiece. It keeps me working with words and hones my skill in trying out different voices – 50-something businesswoman from Sussex, 40-something lawyer from New York, 30-something self-development guru from Vancouver and 20-something wedding-planner from California. There is great variety in the topics and themes that I get to research and there is excitement in finding the best voice for each of my clients – from chatty conversation to expert advice the range of options is limitless.