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‘Today’s big news has been that Mark Zuckerberg has got a $5oo million investment from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies and Facebook has a valuation of $50 billion. A couple of days ago Experian Hitwise, an Internet research firm, announced that Facebook has surpassed Google as the most visited site in the the US. While the second fact is open to interpretation and Google still stands first in the global picture, the truth is indisputable that Facebook is here to stay. If by chance you have been living under a rock and have felt that Facebook is a passing fad and only for young students, let me just say that with 500 million people using Facebook actively every month, this is one band wagon that you should most definitely jump on.

If you have already done so and have a Facebook page, what are you doing with it? A static social networking site is potentially worse than no site at all. Facebook as a marketing tool requires regular attention and updates and this does not mean an occasional wall post. You have to think in terms of your target audience and provide the hooks that will have them coming back for more.

Here are three useful strategies for making the most of your Facebook page:

Customize: Facebook offers tools that allow you to pick the page that people can view when they first land on your Facebook profile. Think in terms of making this something other than your Wall as a series of updates may not be an effective attention grabber. Think outside the box in making your Facebook page a unique experience. Consider examples such as Cranium, Starbucks, Coach, NFL and Victoria’s Secret where they have used the Facebook page for maximum visual impact and direct customer appeal. Use these as inspirations and figure out ways to connect with your consumer.

Connect: Facebook is an interactive marketing tool and so it is vital to think in terms of engaging with your fans and customers. Whether you do this through give-aways when people sign-up or conduct contests for bringing in the most number of fans, give people reasons to click on your page. It is a great idea to acknowledge fans by thanking them as it personalizes the experience.

Commit: It is important to acknowledge early on that Facebook is a long-term relationship. There is no going in-and-out of this social media marketing strategy. For Facebook to be truly effective, you have to post frequently and add interesting details to your profile. Whether it is photos of events or topical news items relating to your industry, you should ensure that your organizational profile stays active.