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Shoveling on a snow day made me think of roads and paths. The idea that there was a time when all roads led to Rome.

Image courtesy Kleuske at nl.wikipedia

That seems so far removed from our virtual world and the way electronic paths and networks go in a thousand different directions. Earlier today, a series of clicks led me to a website of a mom-entrepreneur, a blog focused on Africa, a Yogini’s journal and an Indian Arsenal fan. I loved the randomness of the journey – the topics, the personalities, the style were all wonderfully diverse. And these are only some of the places I stopped. And all this was just inside the WordPress universe. Sitting at home and visiting different people, different worlds on a snow day and no shoveling required – seems like the ultimate sign of the true potential of social media.

I was still stuck by how much of what I was reading was from US-based bloggers. Was my clicking not really random? Is personal blogging an American thing? I know English being the predominant language of the web may be influencing some choices, but even so….How do sub-groups form on the web? If we read only a select set of blogs or websites every day, are we getting the full benefit of the World Wide Web? I think I need to spend some more time exploring the blogosphere to find all the answers….