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Every week I have decided to focus on one non-profit that is engaging actively with social media. As I mentioned last week, I see an immense overlap between the way social media works and the work that non-profits aim to achieve. The idea of reaching out to the world about a cause that we believe in is the essential idea behind most charitable foundations and non-profit organizations. Friends and family, social networks and professional networks are critical to reaching a large audience and social media is custom-made for this.

Image courtesy Guardian

This week  I want to commend JustGive for the way they have set out to interlink the Internet and charitable giving. They have a created a strong website, which is a good starting point given that they have set out to “increase charitable giving by connecting people with the charities and causes they care most about.” The website ranks high for keyword searches “donate to charity” and “charity donations.” The organization has also used a blog, Facebook and Twitter to increase its web presence. The blog has regular updates as do Facebook and Twitter. They have 665 fans on Facebook and 1152 followers on Twitter. They are thinking actively in terms of using the social network for connecting with like-minded organizations – their section on Nonprofit Resources speaks of this specific option for all non-profits.

JustGive can think in terms of using Flickr or Tumblr and YouTube to increase the visual impact of their ideas and stories. This will work to complement their Be Inspired section on their website. It may help to draw a direct link to some of the causes and nonprofits that are listed in the JustGive database.

Congratulations to JustGive for the steps they have taken with social media marketing and here is wishing them all the success in their efforts!