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You have a blog which you update every week. You have a Facebook page and have advertised it to your friends and have a decent number of fans. You tweet daily and follow and are followed. Yet, you are not sure whether your social media efforts are worthwhile. How do you know whether you social media strategy is working? You can start by measuring your reach.

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There are many tools available for measuring the success of your social media efforts. You have to think beyond site visitors and comments to track trends and patterns. Here are five useful tools that can help you track your social media platforms:

Alexa – Here is a tool that gives you detailed information of keyword popularity, demographics of user and time spent on website. All of these are important pieces of the puzzle in figuring out whether you are reaching your target audience.

SEMRush – This is an effective way of measuring how your website is performing for specific keywords. You can figure out whether you are ranking well for your target keywords and it also gives your information about your active competition for those keywords.

Facebook Insights – As the name suggests, it is Facebook’s tracking tool that gives you useful information about people who visit your Facebook page. It allows you to zero in on the content that gets the most attention and the kind of material that garners the most reaction. It offers daily and monthly trends.

YouTube Insight – The tagline for this tool says “Tap into the World’s Largest Focus Group” and that is exactly what you get to do when you get the break up of how your video is performing. The numbers tell you how many people view your videos, where they come from and how engaged they feel with different parts of your upload.

Backtweets – This is a Twitter specific tool which allows you to analyse the number of people you are reaching and the way in which these people are engaging with your brand.

All these tools offer a basic free model and a paid premium model. These tools offer a great starting point for anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes analyses of where they are headed with their social media strategy.