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I hate spammers. Today I have had a spam referrer who has inflated my visitor count and I have no easy way of fixing this. My efforts to understand what attracts readers and how they interact with my content is significantly damaged by this spammer. And all the revenge I can plan is to not click on the referrer link – totally unsatisfactory.

This has become the stinky under-belly of Internet Marketing – any and all efforts to get that click, to get the numbers and to rank higher on Google. So some people are shameless in trying keyword stuffing, cloaking and even invisible text to cheat the search engine crawlers. Spammers visit sites and offer links that take you to advertisements or to useless information.

Black hat techniques do not serve any purpose in the long run. They damage your reputation with Google and other search engines and people who come to your website are going to leave feeling fairly unhappy if you do not deliver what you promise. SEO is a deceptively simple idea in that with the right keywords you get people to come to your site – but its simplicity lies in executing it a clean and organic manner. Cloak and dagger methods and pushy sales techniques make you and your website look like crooks.

My battle cry for today: Ignore Spam Links!!