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Google heard me! You know, when you say a prayer, the last thing you expect is for the Supreme Being to answer back. I complained about spammers yesterday. So, imagine my shock when I find on the Google blog today that Matt Cutts has posted about “Google search and search engine spam.” I am not delusional enough to really believe that my post had anything to do with Cutts’ post today, but nonetheless it was gratifying to note the timing of this new attack on spam.

The blog indicates a renewed zeal in targeting all the new spamming strategies that have cropped up in recent months. This is one of the things I admire about Google. They are willing to tweak endlessly to make sure they get this right. They rooted out obvious web spam a while ago and since then they have made algorithm changes periodically to capture other under-hand tactics to increase a page’s rank. The degree of responsiveness is impressive because it is possible for them to sit on their laurels.

In this round of the fight, Google has indicated that it will be going after content farms. As a writer, I am delighted. The idea behind these content farms has been producing articles that are mass produced and cheap. They are not gibberish but they seldom offer quality information or meaningful insights. They have contributed to a certain dumbing down of the web by giving bulk content for those who seek to improve their web page ranks overnight. You see the same articles re-cycled and re-used in different article directories. It has been one step removed from keyword stuffing. Now Google is saying that it is watching.

If you want the ultimate stamp of approval, a good rank on Google, make sure your site offers quality.