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Sunday is supposed to by my day of posting about interesting things that I read during the week about social media, digital marketing, reading, books, writing, words etc. There are a couple of did-you-hear-this-one story lines:

Eric Schmidt, who announced that he will be stepping down as CEO of Google, tweeted “Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!” Funny!

Facebook has launched an app for people not using smartphones. This app which will work with several models of feature phones will allow users access to Facebook messages, profiles, events and news feeds. It marks an interesting extension of the reach of Facebook.

I must admit that today NFL is front and center in my mind. This has been a tough Sunday – Bears and Jets are out. The good news is that I can now kind of sit back and enjoy the advertisements on Super Bowl Sunday.


Image courtesy Reuters

While baseball is supposed to be America’s game, the television audience for NFL games have steadily established the immense popularity of football games. I got curious today about how our AFC and NFC champions compare on social media rankings.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Facebook –  1,529667 likes

Twitter – @ steelers

Followers – 46,597

Following – 44

Updates – 873

Green Bay Packers:

Facebook – 825,950 likes

Twitter – @packers

Followers – 44072

Following –  40

Updates – 3308

In the coming days we are going to get every kind of statistic sliced and diced about running yards and passing yards; about quarterbacks and their performances. I am not yet sure quite what to make of these social media numbers, but it certainly indicates that there are tens of thousands of fans who cared about what happened today and they will be watching Super Bowl XLV for the game and not just those advertisements.