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Image courtesy Fuchsia Macharee

I saw this illustration at Soshable the other day and loved the way it made the point! I had been talking to an executive at a statistical firm the day before, and he was complaining that whenever he walks past some cubicles, he sees some people in his group with their Facebook page open. He is concerned about their level of focus and productivity.

I work for myself and I focus on social media – I still worry that some of my days are spent on too much ‘research’. I know that Facebook can be a major time-suck even when I am not actively posting or participating.

I remember the time in the 1990s when my company got email and there was some discussion within the group about whether we could use it for personal purposes. Does anyone remember those days, when most of the email sent was those inappropriate jokes forwarded by NY bankers, which later got some of them in trouble? Now nobody thinks twice about personal email.

Anyway, the questions here are: How much time do you spend on FB at work? How do you keep a limit on you personal social media time? Do you maintain your personal blog or mini-blog on company time? Do you think it affects your productivity? Does your company have any social media policies? Would you work for a company that blocks FB?