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Super Bowl Sunday. Packers-Steelers. Roethlisberger-Rodgers. “Are you ready for some football?” According to a post I made two weeks ago,about the social media presence of the Steelers and the Packers, the Steelers are up ahead. But in terms of web search figures today, Rodgers beats Roethlisberger. I wonder how much that has to do with spelling issues!

Well, if you are not into the game, sit near the chips and beer and enjoy the ads. Lightspeed Research suggests that many people watch the game for the ads. After all, companies are spending around $3 million for a few minutes of air-time. It does not seem like news at all that many Super Bowl advertisers are having tie-ins with social media campaigns to get more bang for their buck. How could they not? Advertising Age has an article analyzing the tie-ins that many companies have planned – Audi’s TV ad will include their Twitter hashtag to help people follow ad-related comments; Mercedes-Benz has been running a race on Facebook; Volkswagen will be using the ESPN mobile site during the game etc. Here is Volkswagen getting some pre-Sunday buzz via YouTube:

I am looking forward to seeing the other ads and I hope they show this level of creativity!

So, what are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday? Which are the ads you are looking forward to watching? Will you be one of the 59% with smart phones who will be texting or emailing about the game? Hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday! Go Packers – it is no fun watching, if you don’t take sides!