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Ebooks are the new branding tools of choice for experts in an array of fields. Many websites started off by offering ebooks as freebies as a way of getting visitors to register. It became a sure fire way to grow one’s list for online marketing. Along the way, this has been tweaked a little and today’s ebooks are a little more than that.

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The growing popularity of ereaders has meant an ever-expanding demand for ebooks. This makes people open to the idea of trying out a format which they may have been a little less open to even 12-18 months ago.

At the same time that the general population is showing a growing appreciation for ereading, many subject matter experts from local  realtors to estate lawyers are realizing that one way of establishing their position as experts is to offer definitive proof through a good ebook. A well-written, content-rich ebook thus becomes an invaluable branding tool. You can give it as a freebie or charge nominally and even make is an income stream. But the idea is to use your ebook to establish your position and your brand:

  • Make it useful.
  • Do not pad pages with useless graphics.
  • Pay attention to the packaging.
  • Remember that an ebook is not a sales letter.

The professional ebook boom, both fiction and non-fiction, has set the bar high when it comes to layout and content. While producing an ebook is relatively simpler than publishing a book and finding a market, it is best to keep high standards when creating your ebook. Never forget that you are using the ebook to augment your professional standing. If you are thinking of going it alone, do all the research necessary to ensure the quality of the final package. If you can work out a reasonable budget consider getting professional consultation from a writer and a ebook designer and the money you spend upfront will likely help bolster your personal brand. Your website may take daily or weekly updating, but a well-written ebook can be a low-maintenance branding initiative for some time to come.