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This is my Saturday post on non-profits and social media. Today I would like to highlight FITE. Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship – Help women worldwide start or grow a business. Their YouTube video speaks well for what they are trying to achieve.

FITE is working with the Kiva model of making it easy for donors to give money directly to the people who need it. The Kiva idea of micro-finance working directly between people in far off places has been hugely successful. It has been a story that exemplifies the kind of connections that can be created by Web 2.0.

FITE is focusing on creating the same kinds of opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Research repeatedly shows that empowering women is the best way to create societal change and here is an agency that is using the power of social media to create that kind of grass roots transformation.

There is every sign that FITE is new to the social media world. The organization which was founded in 2010 has been in Facebook for around six months and their Twitter presence seems one week old. I am choosing to feature them because I believe they are starting out with all the right kinds of engagement. The organizational website has also zeroed in on a key element of crowd participation by setting up teams and creating a context of competitive giving. It has been used with great success by corporations and it will be interesting to see the idea develop in the context of a non-profit.

Here is wishing FITE great success in getting the message out!