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This five minute YouTube video is a crash course in global health statistics. It makes you take a second look at the numbers and it makes you raise questions about the conclusions.

That is great use of technology to present a thesis. What a treat it is for visual learners when we come across something like this that lays it all out with clarity. 120,000 numbers come alive in a visual medium thanks to an imaginative presentation!

I see this video as proof positive of the educational potential of social media. There are innumerable YouTube uploads, and it is sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, but when you manage to, there is a wealth of powerful material out there. While the bulk of YouTube is entertainment, videos such as this BBC Four production are indicative of how information can be shared creatively with a large audience via social media.

The visual narrative has always held strong appeal and we are going to see more and more sophisticated use of this media in social media marketing in the near future. While we are seeing a burst of vlogs or video blogs right now, the really successful use of video is more than just some dude talking to the camera. Even if you do not have the technology to pull off Rosling’s demonstration, consider using props and aids to communicate your point. The emphasis is on the Visual!