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I am on my way back  from vacation and after much internal debate decided to stay unplugged for the period – a post later on that topic.

Today, though, I wanted to take the time to register the last launch of the space shuttle Discovery. It is set to launch at 4:50 pm from

Image courtesy of NASA

the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This will be the last launch of the space shuttle and will mark its 39th journey since its introduction in 1984. Also significant is the fact that this will mark the beginning of the end of the US Space Shuttle program. Endeavour is scheduled to launch in April and Atlantis in June and then there are going to be no more proposed launches.


In this blog, which revolves around cyberspace and virtual reality, it is somewhat inevitable that there is not always room for acknowledging other realities. The space program and the wonders of human beings ferrying food and cargo and setting up a permanent home in space in the International Space Station all seem in a day’s work where we stand today. But if you take a minute and really think about it, this is a truly impressive statement of  human achievement.

As we get more and more blasé about the frontiers that we break in terms of time, space and communication, it strikes me that moments like these need to be celebrated. As we head towards more discovery and innovation, as we contemplate the prospect of life on another planet and the possibility of a space colony, take a moment to register what Discovery and its multiple missions have meant. To me the Discovery stands as a symbol of human innovation and exemplifies our spirit of adventure. Here is to continued adventures and explorations!