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Here are this Sunday’s random topics of interest:

Image courtesy of Okmagazine

Oscars!: Are you enjoying the Oscars? Well, if the TV coverage does not cut it for you, you have the choice of an Oscar app for .99 cents that allows you nine different camera angles. You can also use Twitter to follow #Oscars or @jamesfranco. And you can feel like you are part of it all if you check out and Like and comment on the Academy’s Facebook page. So, which is your pick for best movie?

Paying by Phone: You may have heard of Starbucks launching the smartphone app which allows you to pay for your coffee with a bar code on your phone. Time has an interesting article explaining the details of near field communication and the path forward for mobile payments. Quora has a thread on the topic, no less! The idea is that with bar code apps consumers can pay for things with their smart phones. No more wallets and multiple credit cards. There are going to be concerns about security but there are ways to set limits on payment, password protect transactions and even to deactivate a lost phone. This mobile technology promises to transform the way we handle our purchases.

Apps in Cars: There is promise of a different kind of mobile technology development. Time reports that at the January Consumer Electronics show automobile companies revealed vehicles which seem to have finally embraced the digital age. Audi will offer Google Earth in its A8 model and Toyota Entune will have in-dash apps with access to Bing and Pandora. There is going to be voice recognition and touch technology and enough to keep tech geeks excited that people may take their time reaching their destination! Remember the mantra though – Drive Safe!