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Image courtesy of Abe Books

I sometimes feel like Sam-I-am persuading Cat in the Hat to try out Green Eggs and Ham. I work with small business owners and home-based entrepreneurs to persuade them to embrace the force of social media – try Facebook, think of a blog, consider YouTube and so on. When I hear that they are not sure, they are not keen, I should say,

“You do not like them.

So you say.

Try them! Try Them!

And you may.

Try them and you may, I say.”

At other times I feel like the Cat in the Hat. Do I really want to embrace all elements of social media? Give me time, let me think about it! Don’t push me! I don’t want to be one of a crowd.

Green Eggs and Ham is a classic because we all understand the impulse to say no to the new thing – starting from the green stuff on the plate as toddlers to Twitter as adults, we feel unsure about whether this thing is right for us. “Yeah, yeah, I get it that other people enjoy it. And it may well be good for me, but what if I hate it? I am the one who has to deal with it if it is all wrong for me!”

But remember how it all ends. Cat in the Hat tries it after Sam lets him be and,


I like green eggs and ham!

I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!”

And I hope to hear more clients say,

I will tweet in a boat.

I will blog on a train.

I will Like in a car.

And I will Tube in a house.

For those who are wary, for those who are unsure of how a website fits a local business or of how a Facebook page helps a small nursery  let me just say – no need to rush into it, but do go ahead and dip your fork. I can guarantee that it will be a life changing experience!

This post is in honor of Dr.Seuss’ birthday. Remember to read a book as it is Read Across America Day.