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This Sunday’s random collection of interesting weekly news that caught my attention.

WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize: Several news sources reported last week that WikiLeaks has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2011 along with 240 other nominees. One of the other interesting nominations is the Internet. Both these nominations are indicative of the growing socio-political clout of what was seen largely as a technological development or a marketing tool. WikiLeaks has come to represent a certain call for accountability of international governments and that seems to be the reason for the nomination. Whether WikiLeaks or the Internet win the award or not, this marks an interesting moment – a time when we acknowledge the transformational power of technology.

Free Apps to Get Good Gas Prices: With gas prices looking to cross the $4.00 mark where I live, I am eager to find any and all clues for good gas prices. Mashable offered a detailed review of three free apps which can help us find good deals on gas prices. Local Gas Prices, Cheap Gas and Gas Buddy can all make your life a whole lot simpler when it comes to finding those gas deals. Gas Buddy which offers a map with the location of the different gas stations and the gas prices wins the Best stamp from Mashable,

Image courtesy of Mashable

Maroon 5 to Crowdsource Song: According to Crowdsource.org, Maroon 5 will be crowdsourcing a song on March 22nd, 2011 with the help and support of Coca-Cola. The 24 hour project will be streamed live from London and fans will be asked to contribute words, ideas and pictures to build this song. It promises to be an interesting social media experiment in real time marketing and in the crowdsourcing of a creative project. So check in at at www.coca-cola.com/music and RSVP to this event. Coca Cola plans to use Facebook and Twitter to promote this creative experiment.