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Search results for 'St.Patrick's Day'

Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Are you wearing green? We are all Irish today is how the spirit goes….I live in NY and it is a big deal around here. It used to be when I was in Chicago also – the river runs green and all that. But I have lived in places in the US and outside where this was not such a big celebration. As I donned green for today, it made me think of how we focus on the here and the now and what this means for how we interact with the World Wide Web. So, I turned to Google Insights.

The graph shows the search results for “St.Patrick’s Day” from 2004 to the present. Today is still happening and we don’t know where that line will go. But, right off the bat you notice something, right? The peaking in March has been reducing steadily. Does this mean there is reduced interest in the day? Do people not check the occasion on Google any more? Not really. Look at this graph for “St.Patrick’s Day Parade.”

Search results for 'St. Patrick's Day Parade'

As content consumers become more and more search savvy the search terms become more specific. My searches for year specific info such as ‘St.Pat’s Day 2010’ and ‘2011’ showed that people are getting more time specific about their info search also. They also look for hyper-local information as they know it is available via social media even if not the websites. The direction is increasingly defined and targeted searches.

A side trivia that was interesting is that for my basic search string of ‘St.Patrick’s Day’ this was the regional interest chart:


Regional Interest for 'St.Patrick's Day'


And when I switched to ‘St.Patrick’s Day Parade’ only United States showed up in the regional interest table!

Here is food for thought for those interested in keywords, how people access content and how content needs to be packaged.