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Corporate blogs and business blogs are well-established now as a great communication channel. This is no longer cutting edge or a risky experiment. It is a must-do marketing for any entrepreneur.

If you are considering jumping into a business blog, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Define your Objective: What do you want out of your blog? Is it a blog that will give visitors to the site additional information about your products or services? Will it be a sharing of process or philosophy? Do you want to sell through the blog? Do you want to encourage brand loyalty? It is important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve or else you will have a hard time creating relevant content. There is great blog at Tech Ticks that is a must read for anyone sorting out their content strategy.

Broaden your Horizon: This is a point that is connected to defining your content strategy. While you are starting a blog to promote your business, you need to think beyond yourself in creating your content. You have seen those corporate blog with infrequent postings which only talk about business developments or product releases, right? Do they hold your attention? Natch. Blogs should not read like annual reports or press releases. There has to be information that is meaningful to the reader. This may mean talking about your industry rather than just about your company. Every blog entry does not have to be sales pitch. It can be a way to establish yourself as a trustworthy resource or a good research option.

Remember the Networking in Social Networking: Your blog will be meaningless in isolation. It is important from early on to present yourself in connection to the world out there. While it may take a while to generate comments and opinions from the kind of visitors you seek, you can link to good content. By providing meaningful links and worthwhile content, you are setting your standards. It is also important to spend some time participating in other blogs in your field or area of expertise. It is a learning opportunity and a good way to increase your blog’s visibility.

Professional ≠ Boring: It is very important to set the right tone for your blog and it is best to create a professional impression. But professional does not mean dry or boring! Whether you are promoting your real estate business or creating a blog for your financial planning services, you are talking to people. Always, always write with this awareness. Blogs are essentially conversations with your readers and even if you don’t pepper your blogs with jokes, you can talk with people instead of making announcements, right?

Stick with It: It is easy to jump into it with enthusiasm. And you will wake up every morning to track your stats and to find out how many people have read your blog. Reality check. In most cases, the traffic will build slowly and, hopefully, steadily. However, the key is to keep the momentum going. Post regularly and keep the faith!