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Who is your content producer? Who is your social media guide? Who represents your POV on Twitter, Facebook or your company blog? Whether you are a company with a dozen or more employees or a one-person operation, your social media optimization depends on creating a presence across social media platforms. You can have someone in your team take care of it or you can outsource the task to an expert.


Image courtesy of Diamond Head Theatre


After having seen some less than professional tweets and bewildering FB updates, I feel it may be useful for managers to have a check list for choosing who should be the official spokesperson on social media. It is a time-consuming job which will take someone with a cool head and an awareness of the big picture. It is about several detailed tasks which have to add up to a meaningful sum total.

Ideally you need someone who is eloquent, responsive and able to convey the company line with the right amount of personal touch. It works well when have an understanding of how branding needs to be consistent across platforms and combine this with an understanding of how a blog and a tweet are two different animals.You need someone who can be witty and in touch with the hot topic of the day whether it is Charlie Sheen or Donald Trump. They should also have the sense and sensitivity to know how to use a hot topic and when snark just comes across as mean-spirited. So, here are attributes that are best avoided – reactive and trigger happy.

I find it baffling that there are organizations that choose to have their intern handle social media. And I mean no insult to interns. While there are many brilliant interns in the world, do they have the brand awareness and long-distance goals that are essential for social media engagement? They may be Web 2.0 savvy having texted from the cradle, but this does not always translate to branding brilliance or marketing mojo.