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Rebecca Black and her YouTube video Friday has been watched 47,706,751 times. The lyrics and the video quality have been mocked and yet Black is the one getting all the attention. Lady Gaga, whose Born this Way has had 25,107,020 views, has said eloquently, “I say Rebecca Black is a genius and anyone telling her she’s cheesy is full of sh*t.” That is high praise indeed from Lady Gaga, who is a performance artist with proven marketing savvy.

For those of us watching YouTube as a tool in a marketing campaign stories such as Black and Bieber are intriguing. What propels some videos to viral status? It does not seem to be about quality of content or caliber of video production. Laughing babies and cute kittens are easier to understand because they have the heart-string appeal. People ranting about their pet peeves and willing to harangue the world seem to draw a certain kind of audience. Funny videos hold appeal.

What does all this mean for marketing via online videos? Emotional impact and personal connection are vital for a successful video. This is a visual story-telling medium and works like a good TV advertisement. Remember the Volkswagen ad from the Super Bowl? It was a huge YouTube hit as the story made it a much forwarded link across social media. Takeaways are:

  • Create an engaging narrative
  • Remember the personal touch
  • Time it right
  • Share and make it easy to Like and forward

Let me leave you with a personal favorite among B2B videos.