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Are you participating in Earth Hour tonight? The tradition of shutting off lights for one hour today is only four years old and yet it is a symbolism that many around the globe have embraced with enthusiasm. There has always been the question though about what happens after the hour? How do we sustain the environmental awareness. Now, here is a chance to keep the spirit going via new media. Click on  http://www.beyondthehour.org/ to see how you can extend your commitment to conserving energy.

I am delighted to be able to blog about this event as part of my Saturday post of non-profits use of social media – Earth Hour and Beyond the Hour are textbook cases of how social media can be used to engage people far and wide. The Earth Hour has largely been propelled by social media and the immediacy of the action. Beyond the Hour is carrying that concept forward and it will be interesting to see where we can go with this crowd-sourced commitment to a social cause.

Remember to turn off those lights tonight!