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Image courtesy of Fooducate

Much like getting a song stuck in my mind, I often get a word stuck in my head. It follows me around the whole day and pops up in the middle of other thoughts – most often unrelated! I love words though, and so I enjoy these floating words and explore them and see how I can fit them into my writing or conversation in a meaningful way.

Today the word is grapple. I am taking the easy way out by writing about the word itself today without trying too hard to grapple with it in another context. Given that my work writing for the day revolved around a company profile for their website and emotional intelligence, you must concede that I did grapple with a thing or two!

I am never sure where the word comes from. Earlier, I used to trace back my writing or reading to see if I had just seen it; but the words I really enjoy are those that seem to pop out or nowhere. I see these as wonderful reminders of words I have not used in a while. We all fall into patterns of expressing ourselves and end up using certain words and phrases fairly often. The word in my head rearranges my set patterns every once in a while. It is like moving the furniture around and feeling like your room looks bigger!

Today’s word and writing this blog led me to the interesting discovery that now Grapple is a brand! “Imagine the sweet distinctive flavor of Concord grapes combined with the crispness of a fresh, juicy Washington Extra Fancy apple.” While that is a tempting path that can take us in a whole different direction, I am going to stick with just words today.

S0, do you have favorite words? Do you suddenly find yourself with a word you are dying to use? Do you register the direct connection between what you are reading and writing? Are there words you avoid?