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Here is this Sunday’s Smorgasbord:

21st Century Royal Wedding: The British royalty has to keep finding ways to establish that they can connect with the common people. In today’s world that means that the royal wedding needs a website!

I also found out that the Queen has a Facebook page, aYouTube channel and a Twitter account. So, for those who want to get the latest info on the wedding preparations, there are ways to feel extremely well informed!

List of Old Favorites: Every now and then somebody does a list of old favorites – books, movies, cars, etc. For a reader it is always fun to see which books made the list. So, I naturally paused when I saw Huff Post’s post titled ‘From Hemingway to Hardy: Favorite Old Books.’ Readers were asked to name books older than 15 years that they would like to read or are reading and the results included Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters and Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow two books I have added to my to-be-read list. Maybe you will find some that interest you too….


Image courtesy of Bleacher Report

India Wins World Cup 2011: The biggest news this weekend in the world that follows cricket was that India beat Sri Lanka in the World Cup 2011 final. For those who are not sure why this matters, there is a fascinating article (warning: it is long) by ESPN’s Wright Thompson about Why You Should Care About Cricket. A month-long series of matches featuring 14 countries ended with India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and New Zealand in the semi-finals. India beat Pakistan and Sri Lanka beat New Zealand to meet on Saturday for the finals. India won the World Cup after a 28-year wait since its last win. It is interesting to me that the world has accepted that good cricketers, a game seen as quintessentially English, can come from around the world but there is still hesitation in accepting that good English writers can also have names such as Tendulkar and Jayawardane!