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Mashable had this infographic of how small businesses are engaging with social media. I like the way infographics lay out statistical facts but it is always important to dig deep and find out where the stats are coming from – in this case it is based on a survey of Postling users. Postling is a service for small business owners to manage their social media accounts and so this survey is based on small business owners who are above-averagely social media-savvy. It is still useful to see the broad patterns of which platforms are popular with small business owners and to see the trends of engagement.

Image courtesy of Mashable

The top five take-aways for me are:

  • Facebook and Twitter top the list of social media sites used by small businesses.
  • Twitter invites active customer engagement and appears to be the most interactive of the social media platforms.
  • Facebook translates to more traffic given the number of bit.ly clicks.
  • Small businesses that post more that 8 times a week see a significantly higher number of comments than those that post 1-7 times a week.
  • Social media management tools are seen as valuable because they offer a consolidation of different platforms – which means that it is not Facebook vs. Twitter but Facebook, Twitter and WordPress for most small business owners.