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Many small businesses setting up a website, approach it as a do-it-yourself project. Or, even if they seek professional help, it is usually with the website design and not with the content. The reason for this is that, many business owners are effective communicators and feel that they have the skill sets it takes to create the writing part of their website or blog.

Here are two reasons why this argument does not hold:

  • 1. Good SEO copyrighting or SMO writing is not just a matter of good communication skills – it takes a mix of marketing skills and an engaging writing style. Any business person serious about their business will understand the need for a good advertising agency for a good advertisement and an SEO writer serves the same purpose when they deliver good copy for the website.
  • 2. Well-researched content takes time and effort. Running a small business successfully is a matter of focusing on your core strengths and delegating or out-sourcing work to subject area experts. While you may be entirely capable of doing your own taxes or painting your storefront, it is efficient to rely on experts to take care of these details so that you can spend your time on the core aspects of your business.

Given the algorithm changes that Google has initiated, it has become increasingly imperative to have original and meaningful content to rank high in the search engines. While it was never a good idea to copy and paste from other websites, it is now fool hardy to modify content and to reuse it because this means a definite fall in search engine status. Given the importance of unique and useful content, it is well worth contracting with a writing consultant to provide you with customized content.

It is important to be engaged with your Internet marketing and social media marketing and to have a clear idea of what you want out of it. However, there are compelling reasons to rely on a professional writer or blogger to take care of the content aspect of your search marketing efforts. A good SEO writer can convert your core message into good content that can drive traffic and serve as a sales pitch.