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Here is this Sunday’s smorgasbord:

Image courtesy of Apponmyi.com

iPad for Kindergarteners: CNET carried an analysis of how every child in elementary schools in Auburn, Maine is going to receive an iPad. The school superintend for the schools, Tom Morrill, spoke highly of the value of iPad for young children and of the merits of introducing children early on to new media and new tools. He also went on to say that the iPad is “even more important than a book.” Here is something we have been anticipating now for some time – school, education and books are not going to be linked together for ever. While there has been a lot of focus on MacBook’s in colleges, elementary school is where the habits of a new generation is going to start. If you play word association with a kindergartener from Auburn, I wonder what she will say if you say “read.”



Image courtesy of Forbidden Planet


2nd Tintin Movie?: Tintin fans most likely know that Spielberg is directing Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn and that it is due out around Christmas 2011. Now MTV reveals that plans are afoot for a second Tintin movie – Prisoners of the Sun and Anthony Horowitz is on the cards as a writer. Horowitz of the Alex Rider series – a sort of James Bond for kids. Tintin is such an iconic character that I wait with some trepidation for the movie. It is great to hear of future plans but will they get it right?

Michael Jackson and English Football: Yeah, you are not the only one wondering what they have to do with each other! As Time magazine reports,  Fulham FC fans have to put up or shut up about the Jackson statue that adorns the stadium front. Owner Mohammed Al Fayed is unmoved by questions about “Why Michael Jackson” and feels that those who do not appreciate his tastes can become fans of , wait, Chelsea! He told the BBC, “If they don’t understand and don’t believe in things I believe in they can go to [rival soccer team] Chelsea, they can go to anywhere else.”