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Image courtesy Mashable

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll step up and say it – I have a soft spot for infographics. Here is one from Ignite Social Media via Mashable, the Winners & Losers of Social Networking. Tumblr, Weibo, Reddit, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn are the top 5 social networking sites that are growing steadily. While I found the ranking interesting, it was the side information in terms of the site with the most number of users with graduate degrees and the ones most popular with women that intrigued me. Plurk, which is hugely popular in Taiwan, has the most number of users with graduate degrees. Wer-kent-wenn.de and invu.com, which are the top two sites in terms of popularity with women, are most used in Koblenz and Saarbrucken, Germany and in Sydney, Australia and Lisbon, Portugal, respectively!

Ignite offers all the background data and information on many international social networking sites with breakdown in terms of regional popularity and with graphs indicating the education level and income level of the users. A marketing strategist’s dream! For example, here are some of the graphs for LinkedIn:

Based on search traffic, the top country for Facebook is Tunisia, for Twitter it is Brazil, for Tumblr it is Philippines, for LinkedIn it is India and for YouTube it is Peru. The United States ranked as the top usage country for Digg, Yelp and Reddit among some of the more popularly mentioned social networking sites. It is worth noting that the US was also in the top 5 to 10 for many of the other social networking sites that are talked about the most often.

We all know statistics are not absolute numbers but facts to be interpreted in a context – here is plenty of data for contextual analysis! And keep in mind that this infographic starts with tracking the saturation point in terms of interest in social media.