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I admit it. I have missed a post here and there; I did not post while on a short vacation either. I still felt that I was posting in the spirit of postaday2011 and have kept at it. Most of my misses have been on weekends and this past weekend I missed both Saturday and Sunday. I feel unhappy when I miss posts but it is time to acknowledge that I cannot do this seven days a week.

Image courtesy of Recliner GM

Researching and writing take time – the stress of producing something has led to some less than stellar posts and that just does not make sense for me. So, I am renegotiating the terms of my contract with myself. When I started this blog it was essentially an agreement with myself to record daily insights about things related to my field, my work. Then I saw the postaday2011 WordPress challenge and felt delighted to part of a group effort. While it has been interesting to see the different paths different bloggers have taken with some of the daily suggestions, I have also been aware that my focus is a little different. C’est la vie!

While it is never easy to say that I am going to have to change the terms, I believe it is always important to be upfront with one’s client! So, here are the renegotiated terms: My goal is to post every weekday. I will give myself 2 weeks of vacation. And, at any point I feel that my post is a space filler alone, I will try to exercise good judgement and refrain from posting. I realize that I will have to add a clause about reading and participating in other blogs and figuring that into my time management. There may be an addendum or addenda to this contract in the future!