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Yesterday I did a post on the basic facts about QR codes. This post is for those who have decided to go forth and try it out. It all starts with what comes before promoting those QR codes.

QR codes are becoming an essential element for making the most of Internet and social media marketing and they are a great way of harnessing the growing power of smartphones. If you have invested the time in creating a great blog or a phenomenal Facebook page, QR codes can be the signs that bridge the offline consumer with your online campaign. Having said this, let me stress that there is nothing more boring than a QR code leading you to a humdrum website. Adopting new technology just to show that you are with it can backfire if there is no substance to offer.

The best use of QR codes happen when it expands the consumer experience. Think in terms of how the QR code will help the consumer enjoy the brand more and how this will help you solidify your client loyalty. A great example is the Arbor Day 2010 Central Park campaign. 

This is a campaign that maximized the idea of drawing in the consumer – the technology was exciting but secondary to the fun idea of transforming a simple visit to the park into a much broader experience.

It is important for anyone interested in social media campaigns and mobile marketing to add QR codes to their arsenal. But it is much more important to use it with flair and imagination. QR codes are a great way for expanding your reach, for sharing your content – make sure you have content worth sharing!