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Today’s single biggest social media event was The Royal Wedding. The topic was the top trend across platforms and 2 billion people are estimated to have watched the wedding. While we do not have specifics yet on how many people commented, here are some interesting tweet facts from NBC via Mashable.
  • London, New York, Toronto, New South Wales, Paris and Sao Paulo were the top locations in terms of Twitter volume.
  • Of the tweets, 58% were positive,  24% registered as neutral and 18% were negative.
  • The gender split among tweets was 64% from women and 36% from men.
  • In the course of the ceremony, #RoyalWedding hashtag mentions crossed the 1 million mark.
  • The wedding related tweets have been broken up as being 42% from Twitter.com and 39% from mobile devices.
  • #royalwedding, #rw2011 (the officially Royal Wedding hashtag), #royalwedding!, #rw11, and #bodareal (Spanish for “#royalwedding”) were the top hashtags.
Here is an event which had a global audience and generated interest in a scale that is not easy to replicate. It will be fascination to hear further break-up of how, where and when people engaged with social media around this topic. And as I find out, I’ll keep you posted!