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Yesterday was the LinkedIn anniversary. Here is a social media platform that has been growing steadily and while the numbers are not in the same league as Facebook, they are nevertheless impressive. I saw this infographic a while ago about The Value of Being LinkedIn which explained the LinkedIn numbers in terms of population figures – LinkedIn with its 100 million members would be the 12th largest country in terms of population if it were a country!

Here is a section of the infographic that I find particularly interesting:

Image courtesy of OnlineMBA

Facebook does have a larger number of participants but LinkedIn is well worth watching for anyone using social media for professional growth. The profile of the members and the focus of the platform, which allows users to relate via skill sets, makes LinkedIn a great place for build a meaningful network. We are not far from the point where a LinkedIn profile is going to be a must have for anyone seeking a new job. It is true that LinkedIn has a 100 million members, but remember that this baby is still only 8 years old and is still growing. It is not too late to jump right in, if you have not done so already!