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You have embraced social media and have all the pieces of the puzzle. Now it is time to sharpen your strategy. Here are some insights that I have acquired about EdgeRank in Facebook that may help you.

How does Facebook decide which stories and posts to include on a News Feed? It is based on an algorithm called EdgeRank. This means that unless your Facebook posts measure well on certain criteria, your material may never have the EdgeRank to make it into the News Feed of friends and followers. And you may well spend days wondering why no one is responding to your updates.

What can you do to improve your Facebook EdgeRank? Here is the formula:

Image courtesy of LiveWorld

What does it all really mean? Make your content  pertinent, engaging and timely. Easy, right? It actually is – if any brand focuses on producing content that is relevant to the audience, the content will be engaging and is likely to draw Likes and comments. Another great way to generate participation with your posts, is to create a voice and personality with your posts. It is best to avoid automated posts; manually posted updates tend to do better in EdgeRank.

It is a given in social media that all content has to be timely. Depending on your product or service, Facebook posts need to be timed to capitalize on the news of the day or focus on a topic of trending interest. If you feel your brand is not so much about current events, you should consider a way to relate it to ideas in the public consciousness, the Zeitgeist so to speak. But beware the Kenneth Cole tweet trap.

Finally, track your performance and constantly tweak your strategy – recognize the posts that work and drop the trends that don’t. Facebook offers you plenty of data to analyze.

Now that you know what it takes to improve your EdgeRank, have fun getting your brand name all the way to the top!