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I think as our lives get taken over by texting and tweeting, our salvation may lie in blogging.

Everything in our contemporary lifestyle is geared towards speed and brevity. 140 characters. Lets drop those vowels.  People are busy. People are very busy letting everyone know they are busy! Breathlessness is an imperative.

And then we have blogs. The space to sit and read. It is the literary genre of the 21st century. Take a twirl around blogosphere and you see a wonderful variety of styles and topics. We have our very own James Joyce and Jane Austen. There are the joyfully-detailed hyper-local blogs and the wonderfully-global big-picture blogs. I see people’s passions shared and their love of language explored in many, many posts. It is truly a treat to experience the sheer variety – and this has been made possible by the idea of people sitting and typing on the computers/laptops/tablets and hitting publish for the world to see.

Incredibly, blogging is developing simultaneously as a creative and commercial outlet. This is a medium that people can use to connect with an audience and so it has prompted many of us to use it for brand outreach. And so there has to be an art and science to blogging. Write well about interesting things and keep those search engines in mind! This commercial reality does not dim the power of blogging.

The ability to choose a topic, articulate an argument and to clarify a thought – this is the essence of a good blog post. And if we get the additional bonus of an engaging narrative voice, woohoo! As more of us take up this challenge of blogging, and connect with others who choose to think and write, we remind ourselves of the pleasure of stringing words together. This may save us from falling permanently into the world of bitten off words and truncated sentences – and therein lies salvation, my friends!