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Search engines ranking is the gold rush and the quest for Nirvana for the Web 2.0 generation. The drive for a higher rank prompts people to try many search engine optimization strategies, legal and illegal! In this context, I noticed something today that I found fascinating. I did a Google search for “search engines” and here is the screen shot of my search results:
Google is not a search result in the first page at all! Dogpile, Bing and Wikipedia are the top three. So, did Google figure that if you are using it to search you do not need to find it? When I did a search for “search engine,” Google Custom Search showed up 5th on the list!  So, they are offering themselves as a specialized option? Or their algorithm is listing others higher for the terms search engine and search engines.
And yet, here is  search engine market share report from Karma Snack for May 2011:
Google 85.72%
Yahoo 6.42%
Baidu 3.67%
Bing 2.14%
Ask.com 0.56%
Other 0.49%
United States:
Google 84.58%
Yahoo 8.13%
Bing 5.38%
Ask.com 0.79%
Other 1.12%
Google’s dominant market share places search engine ranks in context, doesn’t it?
Fun exercise apart, I think the critical thing to remember when working out an SEO strategy is to think like the customer and to rank high for likely queries from your ideal consumer/client/buyer. Show up as a result for likely questions and doubts – the keywords really are the key! And then, of course, there is the Eternal Truth: create a high-quality site by posting original and useful content!