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I saw a Google search engine advertisement in the New York Times today. Yes, you read that right. And here is the image.

Google a Day ad in the NY Times

Google is promoting its puzzle-a-day site A Google a Day. It is a dream for search engine junkies where you get an obscure puzzle every day to figure out using, what else but, Google! It is a neat idea to repeatedly prove the way Google works and to encourage people to improve their search skills. I guess you earn bragging rights depending on how soon you crack the answer. (It took me under a minute today but I will time myself properly tomorrow!)

It intrigued me to see that Google chose to advertise this via the New York Times – all that ruckus about the death of the newspaper and the mighty search engine still feels it is worth using it to reach an audience?

Today I also saw a link in SreeTips, a great source of social media insights, about the new monthly print magazine, The Social Media Monthly. It seemed incongruous enough to seem like a joke. They had a launch party in NYC for the magazine and Technorati has reported on it, so it is real enough.

The meeting of online and offline worlds is still happening. The Google ad and the Social Media Monthly are reminders that there is still an audience to be reached via other media. It is sometimes possible to become so absorbed in the world of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that we may forget that the skeptical millions, who look at social media as a passing fad, still need to be courted.