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You know that something has become an entity when you see statistics, forums and analysis about it. Facebook profile photos, not the raging machine that is Facebook but just the photos, have reached that exalted stage.

A neat infographic by Pixable based on more that 500,000 user profiles via Mashable:

Source Pixable

So, how often do you change your profile photo? How many comments do you see on average? Do you comment on your friends’ profile photos? And make sure you do not have the dreaded duckface!

The New York Times has covered the back lash against the duckface photos that proliferate on Facebook. In a misguided effort to look sexy, apparently people have been sucking their cheeks in and pouting their lips! And it is enough of a phenomenon that we now have antiduckface.com and, wait for it, a Facebook page with nearly 50,000 followers!

The steady increase in the number of people who post photos and the frequency with which it is changed and updated promises to be a growing trend. Photo discovery apps, smart tagging etc. promise to play a part in our social media experience.