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I found this infographic in The Atlantic today; it was originally created by the subject experts at the Online Dating University.

Among the interesting tidbits buried in this infographic:

  • Women 18-25 are the biggest segment of Facebook users.
  • Around 60% of Facebook users set a relationship status. Of these, 37% are listed as single, 31% as married, 24% as in a relationship and 5% as engaged. FB does offer other options such as In a Civil Union and It’s Complicated!
  • Ghana is the country with the greatest number of single male FB users.
  • Finland has the greatest number of FB users who state they are in a relationship.
  • 50% of active users log on to FB at any given time and these users spend more that 700 billion minutes on FB per month! (Honestly, this number makes no sense to me – I tried breaking it up into an average per user and got numbers that don’t compute!)
Whether you are single, married or divorced, if you are active on FB, it is well worth acknowledging the impact social networking can have on your relationships. Not just your romantic relationships, because the public nature of FB shapes all your Facebook friendships.