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Groupon and Living Social are often in the news and many of us are signed up with some social buying site. The idea of getting deals by making large-scale purchases has picked up steam and yet there is still debate about whether this is a trend that will hold. While the questions from the business sides abound, here is an infographic from Flotown offering perspective on the players in this field.

Infographic courtesy of Flotown

Things to note:

  • The idea seems to have taken hold in 2004 with Woot!
  • The latest venture covered here is November 2010 and seven deals websites were launched last year alone.
  • Living Social has presence in more cities than Groupon.
  • Groupon has more unique users than Living Social.
  • Of the 20 players covered, 6 have over a million users.
On the day that the US Shuttle program launched its last shuttle, Atlantis, it strikes me as apt to use this infographic with the astronomical theme!