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Summer memory

Yes, it has been a long and enjoyable summer and yes, I did stop posting regularly. The first few days I missed a post, I had terrible guilt and anxiety and then it was easy to be a delinquent! I got great insights into human behavior and personal motivation, but the truth was I was no longer a good blogger. I told myself that I will use the time to recharge my batteries and review certain assumptions and get back to it in September. So here I am – end of the first work week of this month and if I don’t re-start now, I will find more reasons to postpone.

The time away has been good to step back from the social media prism of looking at the world – because of this blog and the nature of my work I have been very focused on Web 2.0 for the last several months. It was good to get reminders that the world does not really revolve around this. Yes, it’s changing the dynamics of how we conduct business and how we relate to people but Facebook and Twitter aren’t, yet, exclusive platforms of connecting with the world! I know that I preach to the converted, in a sense, with much of what I write in this blog because those who come here are predisposed to seeing the Interweb a certain way. Going forward, I hope to figure out ways to address some of the repeat issues that come up with those who hold out.

Here is a shot at continuing the ride…