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Image courtesy charity:water

I started my Getting the Word Out posts initially to focus the spotlight on non-profits using social media with exceptional excellence.It has been a while since I have found the online presence of a non-profit without having to go searching for it. While many non-profits have embraced the tools of social media, there has been a lack of cohesive vision and a certain inconsistency in execution that it has not been easy to hold them up as examples. So it is with particular delight that I write about charity:water today. This non-profit, which is devoted to bringing clean drinking water to countries around the world, demonstrates how a unified voice across a blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter can help dramatically with cause marketing.

The design and fashion background of many of the staff is reflected in the clean visual aesthetics of the blog. However, the real appeal of the blog is the way the charity:water story is communicated. The cause is wrapped with the people on the field and the office and that makes for a very compelling read. Everything from the story of the founder Scott Harrison in the About Us section to the videos also works well to emphasize the urgency of the cause.

Charity:water is also using the power of the Internet to make a direct connection between the donor and the project. The mycharity:water feature and Proving It with Google Maps and Dollars to Projects are great ways of emphasizing the immediacy of the problem and the satisfaction of providing a solution.

I believe that one of the reasons this organization has grown so dramatically in just 5 years is because of the way they have understood the power of social advocacy. The banners and twitterbackgrounds that we can embed in our Facebook and Twitter pages are easy to access. I like the way this non-profit has embraced the idea of word-of-mouth marketing. The 198,896 fans on Facebook and the 1,361, 124 followers on Twitter are numbers that indicate that the message is getting out far and wide. What charity:water does with those numbers and how it moves forward will be interesting to watch. Their promise to use 100% of public donation for field projects can mean that these numbers can translate to real impact across the globe.

Here is wishing charity:water all the very best in making the most of their social media success!