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Did you say hate? You are not alone! I found this infographic at PCmag.com while trolling the web looking for data on general feedback to the changes.  A random survey of the people I know on Facebook indicated that not many are thrilled with the changes and I was curious to see if this was the wide-spread reaction – apparently resistance to change cuts across culture, race, religion and age!

Ticker Ticks Off Many Facebook Users!

The fine print does say that this is an estimate based on US users, while 75% of Facebook users are said to be outside the US. It’ll be interesting to see if there are different reaction from different countries – now there is a social science research paper waiting to happen!

Facebook has had a way of persuading us to accept new ways of socializing and sharing and while I have seen many friends use their status update to limit the subscribe options, I know many who are letting things ride. Either from active acceptance or passive laid-backness, I think we are going to learn to live with the ticker and the timeline. Comments?