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Content is King! Make sure you have regular updates on your blog! Provide interesting links on your FB page! Tweet often! Give your audience something frequently!

The litany of social media strategies seems endless – and underlying it all is this urgency to create or share content. As a writer, this has been good for business. However, as I work on this blog, and try to take a reflective approach to social media, I have to say that for me the most valuable guideline is ‘How is this a useful post?’

Today Huffington Post guided me to a new study from NM Incite, a Nielsen McKinsey Company. It was a report on “What is social media used for?” And here are the graphs showing the findings:

Neilsen Finds that People Use Social Media to Connect with Friends and Family!

Now we know – social media is used to interact socially! I was feeling deflated to see this study following on the heels of their Social Media Report, where they reported that Americans are spending more time of social media sites and that social media is growing rapidly.

Neilsen's Social Media Report - Key Findings

I am not trying to pick on Nielsen, but I can’t find any real insight or path-breaking finding in either of these reports. Where is the news? This is like a lot of other stuff out there. Has the pressure to produce content related to social media become so high that even reputed agencies are churning stuff out?

Instead of our urgency to produce material, it is time to step back and ask – “Is this really worth posting?” All companies, big and small, need to institute some type of social media policy that assesses the value-add of all content. At this point there is enough weariness from seeing similar stories that there is a negative impact from content that does not offer anything new.

Here are my takeaways:

  • Do not fall prey to the tyranny of content creation.
  • Do not forget the notion of value and audience-interest even while swamped by the need for SEO and SMO.
  • Do not diminish your brand with fluff content.