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This has been unlike other news of a celebrity passing away. There is this feeling of personal loss. I had to wait a while before I could write about it with some assessment of why it affected me so.

I am not a techie. I am not a Mac. I have my iProducts but the Apple product I used first were these New Year cards that used to be available online a few years ago. These Apple iCards had an elegant classiness that made them stand apart among the many eCards that were out and about.

Do you remember these?

Well, before that there were those Pixar movies. Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles. The technology and the complex and engaging story lines made you sit up and take notice.

Image courtesy NYMag

I know that there are teams of brilliant and talented people who are responsible for all these products. It was not Steve Jobs sitting alone and slaving away in his basement or garage. But he was the most visible face of this Movement that is Apple. It may have started off as a technology company and for many that will be his biggest achievement – and it is nothing small. But for me it is his ability to think outside the box, his creativity to re-imagine the world and his passion to make it happen that make him worthy of the Myth that we are building around him.

Then there is that Stanford commencement speech. It reflects a man who thought and grew and it is hard not to mourn the man who offers that sense of reflective advice to young graduates. Is it any wonder that many today have used his words to say that he will be missed?

Death, the end of such a vibrantly lived life, seems wrong. A tragic sense of never more. But then I remembered he was a Buddhist. The spirit does live on. Beauty and precision, elegance and efficiency – wherever we find ways to bring these elements together, we celebrate Steve Jobs.

Go in peace, Mr. Jobs….