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There was a recent report about Fortune 500 companies flattening out in their adoption of social media. It did seem to herald in the reality phase of expectations from social media – no more jumping on the bandwagon and use it wisely. Does this mean that social media is irrelevant for most businesses? Not really.

Here is a infographic from Crisp Social via Mashable:

Here’s a startlingly successful career that is almost like a case-study in the use of social media for brand promotion.

Most of us are somewhere on the spectrum between Justin Bieber and Fortune 500 companies. Well, maybe I can just speak for myself here. So, while my goal is not to reach Bieber-like stardom, I’m  not yet ready to plateau either! I think it is timely to have reminders of realistic expectations from your blog or Facebook page and it is important to invest your time and effort wisely.

Do keep in mind that brand promotion is not just a matter of viral marketing and over-night successes. It is about having a presence in the world of new media to ensure that your brand has a consistent image across platforms.