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We are in December and nothing says end of the year as much as all the best of 2011 lists. Mashable has shared the top topics in Facebook and Twitter for this past year. Lists are like award ceremonies in a way – they don’t always capture the nuances and the undercurrents but they do afford us a broad perspective. A highlights reel of sorts.

Facebook memology, official stats released by Facebook of top news items in status updates is seen in the graph above. The Twitter analysis of top news items –

via Mashable

The difference in the two platforms and the way people engage with it is apparent in the slight variations in topic and in the way they have been prioritized. Here are the top movies list from Twitter and FB.

We can agree that Harry Potter and the Twilight series are universally popular but it is interesting to note that no other movie overlaps! Is Twitter more in the moment and Facebook more a place for memories and reminiscences? Batman, Finding Nemo and Queen put paid to that theory! And I really have no insights to offer with reference to Jackass and Saw!

Justin Bieber continues to use Twitter well and Rihanna tops the list of musicians on Facebook. Lady Gaga features in the list of top ten as a trending topic on Twitter and as one of the most popular pages on Facebook.

And folks the social media verdict on the most popular sport in the world is unequivocal  football/soccer dominates. Nine of the top 10 popular teams on Facebook are soccer teams and it is the No. 2 trending topic on Twitter for the year!