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Quadrantid Meteor Shower courtesy of National Geographic

A special show in the skies for the new year – tonight is the Quadrantid meteor shower that can be seen in the Northern hemisphere. Experts say it is best seen between 3:00am and dawn EST.They say that the clear night sky promises a spectacular sight.  Of course, it promises to be a bitterly cold and windy night! Should I wake up and brave the cold?

Again and again, life gives us these examples of windows of opportunity. Jump right in and make the most of it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Fortune favors the brave! Well, while it is fun trotting out clichés, the point I’d like to make, in relation to social media marketing, is that it is critical to understand the need for seizing the moment. Internet marketing is a lot about being there in the moment.

Online marketing, whether you use a website or a Facebook page, can sometimes seem timeless. Much like putting up a wayside sign with a phone number that may catch the attention of someone driving past it. However, there is a little more to it than that with search engine marketing and social media optimization – you are ultimately working within a narrow window. You have the chance to capture the attention of an interested party in the short span of time they are searching for information. Whether you are a wedding website looking to increase your region of coverage or a restaurant wanting to capture your local audience for that evening, you have a narrow window in which to make an appearance before your target audience. Make sure that you have the kind of useful SEO content that’ll make you relevant and pertinent and that’ll make you pop up and stand out.

This has to mean periodic engagement in terms of updated content, updates and tweets. Always keep it meaningful and relevant. It only takes a brief look at any forum posting to know that spam annoys and aggravates – it can cost you good business if you decide to take the easy way out and make inane comments. As a content consumer, I find that topically relevant posts or updates that reveal a defining personality tend to be the most engaging. It makes me want to go back for more, and isn’t that what all marketing is really about?

So, whether  you live where the meteor shower will be visible or not, whether you decide to get up and see it or not, use this as a trigger to think of other windows of opportunity!