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It really bothered me that my first post of the new year made no real reference to the feeling of new beginnings – so I had to remedy it. Today I got to spend some time playing around with the blog look and it felt good to have this visible change to mark renewed beginnings. I like fiddling around with themes and widgets – it is a bit like rearranging furniture; it’s easy and makes me feel like I have gained a whole new look. And that invariably leads to wonderful new perspectives. And I got to use a picture from a recent trip as my header – a reminder of the time away!

What is it about the new year that prompts reflection and the feeling of renewed energy? I’m not sure and I know that, as a friend put it, it is arbitrary. But it feels good to have this feeling of making a fresh start. In fact, I like it enough to ponder ways of kick starting this feeling with each new month! It’s probably the understanding that no matter how many items are pending on my to-do list, here’s a chance to say I’m starting over rather than to say I’m overwhelmed.

So, here’s to goals and aspirations – both old and new! Wish you a happy new year marked by refreshed energy and focused goals!