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I am researching effective use of video by organizations committed to social good and in the process I ran across the Project4Awesome YouTube channel. Here’s how they describe themselves: “The Project for Awesome is an annual charity event on YouTube in which users all over the world upload videos about their favorite charity.”

The last event took place Dec 17th and 18th, 2011 and you can find a lot of great featured videos here. Some are clearly personal videos to support a cause dear to the poster’s heart and some others are more organized efforts. The range of videos suggests the various paths that are open for cause-based marketing.

I saw many heart-warming and perspective-challenging videos there and want to spotlight some of them here. Today’s choice is this video submitted by JoshSundquist supporting the National Sports Center for the Disabled.

I found that the personal engagement and the unexpected humor in the video caught and held my attention very effectively. I learnt about a great organization, and while there is the element of distraction from the personal narrative of the poster, Project4Awesome has found an amazing way to create an atmosphere focused on using YouTube a vehicle for social good.

I was processing the video and the channel at two different levels. While the video is advocating for one organization, the channel serves as an advocacy for causes in general. It is a great idea to have this platform of joint advocacy to reach out to a sympathetic audience. Non-profits should keep this in mind in planning their social media outreach – create those institutional Facebook pages and Twitter accounts but also find or initiate online groups and consider partnering with other effective organizations to increase your outreach. Ultimately it is all about Getting the Word Out!