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Somebody thought it a good idea to use Valentine’s Day for these weird advertisements:

Image courtesy of The Bronx Zoo

I love the Bronx Zoo, but have to pass on this one.

And then we have,

Image courtesy of Raadafyouni via Tumblr

I’m not one of those people who thinks flowers and chocolate are the only romantic gifts, and am all for out-of-the-box thinking. But this one is a bit too in-the-box for me!

And then I also saw this interesting gift idea:

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Smitten Snuggle

Not my kind of thing, although I can see it as a wedding photo prop as the Etsy seller says.

All I can think is seasonal marketing gone crazy! Every business, big and small, tries to link their marketing efforts to seasonal holidays or special occasions. Valentine’s Day is particularly popular because, as recently released survey from ORC International confirmed, it is second behind Christmas as a gift-giving holiday. So, it makes sense to target the immediate needs of 88% of Americans looking for unusual or funny Valentine’s Day ideas, but I think some times it becomes something of a stretch.

Let me know if you have seen any “unique” Valentine’s Day ideas – ads or products that have made you roll your eyes/shake your head/throw up your hands/go WTF? You get the idea.